Why do some kids respond violently to mosquito bites?

by | 5 Mar, 2024 | Uncategorized

Apart from being very irritating, the nuisance of some little ones having severe reactions to mosquito bites adds to this irritation.

If little ones have a large localised reaction at the site of the mosquito bite, they might have Skeeter Syndrome.

This post provides guidance on how to manage those severely swollen mosquito bites.

What is Skeeter Syndrome?

Skeeter Syndrome is a severe allergic response to a mosquito bite. The allergy is to a protein in the saliva of the mosquito. This causes swelling, itching, an increase in temperature in the area, redness, and pain. At times it might cause blistering, peeling and fever. 

Who is prone to develop Skeeter Syndrome?

Children, older adults or those who have immune deficiencies are more prone to develop Skeeter Syndrome. Young children have not had a chance to develop immunity against the mosquito venom. 

How long can the reaction last?

The response lasts about 3-10 days. It is not contagious. 

Skeeter syndrome treatment?

You can give your child an anti-histamine and apply cortisone-containing ointment or cream. Anti-inflammatory medication can be given to help with pain and swelling. If the response is severe and not responding to this treatment, you might need to visit your doctor to prescribe oral cortisone. 

Can kids outgrow Skeeter Syndrome?

Generally, this condition does improve over time spontaneously, but it may differ from patient to patient.

How does one prevent mosquito bites?

  • Utilise mosquito repellants, available in various forms such as sprays, sticks, armbands, stickers, or plug applications.
  • Consider using mosquito nets to cover the bed at night, ensuring they are safe for small children.
  • Avoid venturing out at dusk without covering your arms and legs.
  • Opt for light-coloured clothing, as mosquitoes are attracted to dark colours.
  • Refrain from using strong perfumes, which can attract mosquitoes.

Know that you know more about Skeeter syndrome and mosquitoes. If you notice any serious flare-ups, don’t hesitate to seek medical assistance. Visit us at Well – Family Practice or reach out to your trusted healthcare provider for guidance. Your child’s comfort and health are our top priorities.