Sexual Health

Sexual Health

Sexual Health is often misinterpreted as something ‘we shouldn’t talk about’ and this is a big issue.

People feel like they have nowhere to go with their most intimate problems – problems that you can’t just talk to anyone about. That is why we are here, don’t hesitate to contact the practice and make an appointment. We treat your most intimate problem with the utmost confidentiality and care.

You can see me about absolutely anything related to your sexual health.  No question is too weird, no behaviour too strange and no condition too embarrassing!

Dr. Badenhorst is passionate about all aspects of sexual health and offers a wide range of sexual health services. Routine checkups, IUD insertions like Mirena, Kyleena or Copper IUD, HIV management, STI screening and management, contraception, painful sex, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, PRP procedures (P-shot and O-shot) and transgender health all fall within her field of expertise


New Patients:  R1100

Follow-ups:  R850

Routine Examinations

A pap smear, rectal exam and general sexual health check-up. We offer pap smears at very affordable rates.

Pre Marragie Consulting

Women who are about to get married and would like to know that everything is normal and what to expect when having sex for the first time

Contraception Advice

Family planning is one of the most powerful public health tools for any country. Providing women with access to safe and effective contraception is a critical element of women’s health.

Intrauterine device insertion

An intrauterine device, like the Mirena, is a form of contraception. It is a device that is inserted into your uterus to prevent pregnancy. It contains a hormone called Levonorgestrel that is released into the womb on a daily basis for up to five years. We insert the Mirena, Kyleena or Copper T at affordable rates.

Men and Woman with low libido

Erectile dysfunction can be a frustrating as well as an embarrassing issue for any man. Erectile dysfunction is often a marker of underlying cardiovascular disease, so it is crucial to have a thorough medical work up.

Pre-exposure Prophylaxis

Prevention is better than cure. Do you know about PEP and PrEP? PEP (Post Exposure Prophylaxis) is when you take ARVs after being exposed to HIV to prevent infection. PrEP (Pre Exposure Prophylaxis) is when someone at risk of HIV takes ARVs to lower the chances of HIV.

HIV Treatment

I offer all services related to HIV such as testing, treating as well as preventing new infections. Living with HIV is not a death sentence, it is a chronic disease that is manageable. We are here to help you to live a normal, fulfilling life, despite your diagnosis. If you are newly diagnosed I will assist you with initiating ARVs or if you are on treatment already I can make sure you are on the correct combination to ensure the best quality of life.

Low Testosterone

Many men suffer from low testosterone levels, which can have an effect not only on their sex lives, but also their general health and quality of life.

HPV and herpes

If you have been diagnosed with Human Pappiloma Virus or Herpes and you want to know how to manage it and what to expect, come and see Dr Badenhorst.

STI Screening and Treatment

We offer screening and treatment for all STDs


A few Facts on STDs:
You can have a STD without having any symptoms.
If you have had unprotected intercourse once, you are exposed to any possible STI.
Having an STD increases your chances of contracting HIV.
STDs are the most common cause of infertility in women.


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