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Intimacy and caregiving

Intimacy and sexuality forms an integral part of every person. We are all sexual beings, no matter what our age, social status or well-being. The media has portrayed a ‘perfect’ picture, an idea of what ‘sexy’ is, and anything less than that makes you somehow incapable of love. This is not true. If individuals and couples put in effort, […]

August is Women’s Month

Here at Well Family Practice we celebrate women. It is important to look after your health as a women. As part of Women’s month, we are running a special especially for the women. Cervical cancer is the second biggest cancer among women in South Africa. Having a papsmear is extremely important & the best screening […]

Flu season – the facts

South Africa is well into the 2019 influenza season. Influenza virus infections cause significant morbidity and mortality on an annual basis resulting in up to five million cases of severe illness and 650 000 deaths globally each year. There have been media reports that refer to outbreaks of “swine flu”, the name incorrectly given to […]

Intra-uterine Contraceptive Devices

One of the most important things in a woman’s life is to have good contraception. We insert all intra-uterine contraceptive devices, including the Mirena, and we promise that it will be a pleasant experience. We also offer sedation to make it even more pleasant. Here is the proof in this email from a patient: “Hi Dr Jeanne, […]

Man flu is real!!

The female hormone oestrogen reduced flu virus replication in nasal cells from women but not men, found a Johns Hopkins study. ‘Less replication means the infected person may experience less disease or is less likely to spread the disease to someone else,’ said Dr Sabra Klein, lead investigator.